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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953

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Minutes for the Extraordinary General Meeting dated 11.08.2022

1 Apologies for absence

There were no apologies for absence and, at the roll call, all team representatives were present.

2 Lancashire Disaffiliation/public liability insurance

Following discussion at the AGM, Nigel Holt had investigated a like for like public liability cover in case the league decided to opt out of affiliation to Lancashire.

He had looked at other leagues in the area, such as Blackpool, and found the same level of cover for £360p.a. Individuals would still, however, need to affiliate to Badminton England.

Both the retiring and current management committee felt let down by Lancashire, particularly with regards to their handling of accounts, the proposed pay per club/team fee and the focus upon the elite at the expense of the grassroots.

There was much discussion from the floor prior to taking a vote. It was felt that Rossendale could be seen as very insular, that a couple of pounds was very little to pay and we should be supporting our county in their bid to promote our most able players.

There were three votes in favour of disaffiliation; the over-whelming majority, however, felt that the league should remain with Lancashire.

The secretary was asked to enquire what the fees were likely to be and to ask for more transparency from the county with regards to finances.

3 Proposals to rule changes

The rules proposed for change (3, 14 and 15) were no longer needed to be amended due to the meeting’s decision to remain affiliated with Lancashire.

4 Player registrations

Itching to start on their fixtures, teams were quickly reminded to return Form 1 to the secretary either at this meeting or as soon as possible. The player registration form would need to be returned and paid for by the end of August either by bank transfer/cheque/cash.

5 Fixtures meeting

The two divisions then made their home and away fixtures round separate tables before a master sheet was made by Claire Banfield for Division 1 and Nigel Holt for Division 2, under the watchful eye of our new Chairman, Mick Crilly.

Date: 11th August, 2022



''Bloody Hell! What's the Mayor doing here?''

Safe to say, our three retirees, Steve, Betty and George were very surprised by their thank you from the league, and mission Let’s Say Thank You Properly was a huge success. Yes, there were tears, yes the Mayor’s parking spot had to be rescued from Rick Smith, but the M&S spread more than made up for that.

The Rossendale league has been honoured to have had such hard working committee members who have always taken great pride in their work. They have consistently gone above and beyond, putting the interests of their players and their league first. There will undoubtedly be challenges ahead, but they have left the Rossendale badminton a strong, united league. 

Presentation Awards

Division 1:  Sports Team - Blackburn Seniors A; Sports Lady Gill Fourie (Independents) and Sportsmen Nian Min (Oakgate A) & Phil Worthington (Radcliffe)

Division 2:  Sports Team - Goodshaw B; Sports Lady Kathy Kier (Accy Flyers B) and Sportsman David Holt (Goodshaw A)

Alan Ramsey Shield - Services to Rossendale Badminton: - Nigel Holt (Goodshaw)

League Honours

Division 1: Winners Blackburn Seniors A and Runners up Radcliffe. 

Division 2: Winners Edenfield and Runners up Oakgate B

No cup competition held due to the restricted season but all results updated on Results & Winners page