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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953



Fixtures for Week commencing Sunday 4th December 2023


Mon 4th Edenfield v Transport

Tues 5th Independents v Oakgate A


No fixtures



September 2023 

Thur 7th Goodshaw A 4 :25 Blackburn Seniors A 

Thur 14th Transport 11:18 v Goodshaw A

Wed 20th Blackburn Seniors A 25:5 Accy Flyers A

Thur 21st Transport 14:16 Independents

Mon 25th Independents 5:24 Blackburn Seniors A 

Thur 28th Transport 22:8 Oakgate A

Thur 28th Goodshaw A 23:7 Edenfield


October 2023

Mon 9th Independents 17:13 Edenfield

Tue 10th Accy Flyers 20:11 Goodshaw A

Thur 19th Transport 24:5 Edenfield

Thur 26th Goodshaw A 17:13 Independents 


November 2023

Thur 2nd Transport 19:11 Accy Flyers A

Mon 6th Edenfield 8:22 Goodshaw A

Tue 14th Accy Flyers A 22:8 Edenfield

Wed 22nd Blackburn Seniors A 21:8 Edenfield


December 2023

Mon 4th Edenfield v Transport

Tues 5th Independents v Oakgate A


Mon 11th - Mixed doubles Veterans Tournament (Haslingden Sports Centre)


Merry Christmas and a Happy new year


January 2024

Thur 4th Transport Blackburn Seniors A 

Week commencing 08.01.24 (Cup week)


Fri 12th Oakgate A v Edenfield


Wed 17th Blackburn Seniors A v Independents

Fri 19th Oakgate A v Accy Flyers A


Week commencing 23.01.24 (Cup week)

Tue 23rd Accy Flyers A v Blackburn Seniors A


February 2024

Fri 9th Oakgate A v Independents


Week commencing 13.02.24 (Cup Semi Final week)

Mon 19th Edenfield v Oakgate A


Mon 26th Edenfield v Independents

Mon 26th Goodshaw A v Accy Flyers A

Wed 28th Blackburn Seniors A v Transport


March 2024

Tues 5th Independents v Goodshaw A

Wed 6th Blackburn Seniors A v Oakgate A


Mon 11th March (Team Handicap Cup Final at Haslingden Sports Centre)

Tue 12th Accy Flyers A v Independents


Mon 18th Edenfield v Accy Flyers A

Tues 19th Independents v Transport

Wed 20th Blackburn Seniors A v Goodshaw A

Fri 22nd Oakgate A v Transport


Mon 25th Edenfield v Blackburn Seniors A

Mon 25th Goodshaw A v Oakgate A

Tues 26th Independents v Accy Flyers A


April 2024

Tue 16th Accy Flyers A v Transport

Fri 19th Oakgate A v Blackburn Seniors A


Fri 26th Oakgate A v Goodshaw A


Mon 29th Goodshaw A v Transport

Tue 30th Accy Flyers A v Oakgate A



September 2023

Tues 5th Blackburn Seniors B 15:15 Accy Flyers B

Mon 11th Blackburn Seniors C 4:25 Accy Flyers B

Tues 12th Blackburn Seniors B 16:1Oakgate B

Thur 14th Goodshaw B 14:16 Brunlea

Mon 18th Blackburn Seniors C 7:23 Goodshaw B

Mon 18th Brunlea 15:15 Accy Flyers B

Thur 21st Goodshaw B 21:9 Oakgate B

Mon 25th Blackburn Seniors C 9:21 Brunlea


October 2023

Thur 5th Goodshaw C  9:20 Brunlea

Mon 9th Brunlea 20:10 Blackburn Seniors B 

Thur 19th Goodshaw C 11:18 Blackburn Seniors B

Fri 20th Oakgate B 10:19 Goodshaw B

Mon 23rd Brunlea 20:10 Oakgate B

Mon 30th Goodshaw C 3:25 Oakgate B


November 2023

Fri 17th Oakgate B 21:9 Goodshaw C

Tues 21st Accy Flyers B 20:11 Oakgate B

Mon 27th Goodshaw B 12:18 Accy Flyers B


December 2023

Mon 11th - Mixed doubles Veterans Tournament (Haslingden Sports Centre)


Tues 19th Accy Flyers B v Blackburn Seniors C


Merry Christmas and a Happy new year


January 2024

Tues 2nd Blackburn Seniors B v Blackburn Seniors C

Thur 4th Goodshaw B v Goodshaw C


Week commencing 08.01.24 (Cup week)


Week commencing 23.01.24 (Cup week)


Mon 29th Goodshaw B v Blackburn Seniors C

Tue 30th Accy Flyers B v Brunlea

February 2024

Fri 2nd Oakgate B v Blackburn Seniors B


Mon 5th Blackburn Seniors C v Oakgate B

Tues 6th Blackburn Seniors B v Brunlea


Mon 12th Goodshaw C v Blackburn Seniors C

Tues 13th Blackburn Seniors B v Goodshaw C

Fri 16th Oakgate B v Accy Flyers B


Week commencing 19.02.24 (Cup Semi Final week)


Tues 27th Accy Flyers B v Goodshaw B 


March 2024

Mon 4th Goodshaw C v Accy Flyers B


Mon 11th March (Team Handicap Cup Final at Haslingden Sports Centre)

Fri 15th Oakgate B v Blackburn Seniors C


Mon 25th Brunlea v Goodshaw B

Tue 26th Accy Flyers B v Blackburn Seniors B


April 2024

Tue 2nd Blackburn Seniors B v Goodshaw B

Fri 5th Oakgate B v Brunlea


Mon 8th Brunlea v Goodshaw C

Mon 8th Blackburn Seniors C v Blackburn Seniors B


Mon 15th Brunlea Blackburn Seniors C

Mon 15th Goodshaw B v Blackburn Seniors B


Mon 22nd Goodshaw C v Goodshaw B

Tue 23rd Accy Flyers B v Goodshaw C 


Mon 29th Blackburn Seniors C v Goodshaw C