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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953

League Rules



1. The League shall be called "The Rossendale Badminton League" and shall be open to all badminton clubs based within reasonable access to the Borough of Rossendale.


2. The League shall be governed by these rules. No alterations or additions to these rules shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

3. The League and each member club shall be affiliated to the Lancashire County Badminton Association and to Badminton England.


4. The League shall be governed by the following annually elected officials:

a) The Management Committee - comprising the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, President and Vice President and two other elected members. 

b) The Handicap and General Committee - comprising the Management Committee plus other elected/co-opted members as required.

5. All teams should re-apply for admission to the League, to the League Secretary, by the A.G.M, prior to the new season or by 1st July at the latest each year.

6. New teams should apply for acceptance by the Management Committee, in writing, to the League Secretary, by 1st July each year.

7. The Management Committee shall have the power to adjust the different divisions to incorperate new teams and/or for the loss of previous teams.

8. The Management Committee shall have the authority to decide on the placing of a new team applying for admission to the League. Such placing will not affect any promoted teams from the previous season.

9. Clubs are to register their players at the Fixture Meeting and any registration of additional players can be made, in writing and accompanied by the registration fee, to the Registration Secretary.  Players can be registered over the telephone and may be registered up to and on the day of the match, however, the registration fee(s) MUST be received within 48 hours of the match being played.  Registration fee(s) NOT received within 48 hours of the match being played will result in any points scored by the new registered player(s) being void and marked as zero on the score sheet. 
That player(s) will still be registered for that club and the registration cannot be cancelled.
No players can be registered after 28th. February, except at the discretion of the League Management Committee.

10. Clubs should indicate on the registration form the ability of all NEW players to the Rossendale Badminton League by supplying information of other leagues, teams and the standard the player has played in.

11. Players must be correctly registered (as per rule 9) with the Registration Secretary before the commencement of their first match (not game).

12. A player can only be registered with one club in the League.

13. Transfer of players is permitted only by the sanction of the Management Committee.



14. The entrance fee shall be £5.50 per registered Adult players and £2.50 for Juniors if under 18 on the 1st September to Rossendale Badminton League, plus the relevant Lancashire County Badminton Association membership Fee, Inclusive of entry to the Team Handicap Cup competition.

15. All clubs must register all their members with the Badminton England, 
including players registered during the season.
Any club members not registered by their clubs will not be eligible to play in the Rossendale Badminton League and will NOT be insured and the Rossendale Badminton League will NOT be liable for any claim against them.


Annual General Meeting

16. The A.G.M. will be held on, or as near as possible to, the first Thursday in June each year.

17. The League Secretary shall give at least 1 month notice of the A.G.M. to each Club Secretary, stating date, place and time of the meeting.

18. Business to be included in the agenda for the A.G.M. should be received, in writing, by the League Secretary at least 28 days before the A.G.M.. No proposals for rule changes shall be accepted at the A.G.M.

19. The League Secretary shall send to each Club Secretary an agenda for the A.G.M. at least 21 days before this meeting.

20. Each member club may send any number of representatives to the A.G.M. but only one person per team shall be allowed to vote. The Chairman shall have the casting vote in the event of a tie.


Match Play and Starred Players

21. All matches shall be played according to the Laws of Badminton and the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of the Badminton England. Players should avail themselves with the rules of Badminton as ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse in a dispute.

22. Teams are to be made up of 3 Gentlemen and 3 Ladies. Clubs with more than one team must star their players in all but their last team.
Players starred for a higher team cannot play for a lower team, but lower team players can play in higher teams. All players should play regularly for the team in which they are starred.

23. A player from a lower team can play in a higher team 5 times ONLY. Once a player has played 5 times for a higher team or combination of teams that player must remain in the lower team for the remainder of that season.
A player who has played any games for a higher team cannot be involved in any change of starring's in that same season.  However, AT THE DISCRETION OF THE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE juniors (players under 18 yrs. old on 1st. September in the season in which that player is registered) may be allowed to change their starring.

24. Any clubs having more than one team in the League must submit to the Registration Secretary the names of the starred and nominated players in order of merit.  A starred player is a player who is ineligible to play in a lower team.  A nominated player is a player who may play in their own team and the next lower team, but not on the same night.  Each team shall consist of two starred men and two starred ladies, and one nominated man and one nominated lady.  Any changes of starring must be notified to the Management Committee for approval.

25. The Management Committee reserve the right to question the nominated starred players for each team.

26. Any registered player of a club not regularly available to play for a team, but of sufficiently high standard, should be starred by their clubs to the appropriate standard. Such players to be referred to as additionally starred players.

27. All league fixtures must be scheduled for completion by 30th April. Under NO circumstances will fixtures be allowed to be arranged or rearranged after this date.

28. Where two teams from the same club compete in the same division, both matches involving these teams are to be played in the first half of the season.

29. All matches should start by 8.00pm unless otherwise stated in the member club information.

30. All matches MUST be started by the recognised starting time for that club.

30 (a). New Rule

Where a team is shorthanded prior to the match, the opposing captain is notified of which player is unavailable and best endeavours undertaken to find a ineligible player or loaned player from opposition to maximise game time.  However, in all games of the ineligible player, a game score of 21-0 should be recorded.  

31. All players MUST be available to play when required, according to rule 34, otherwise they forfeit the points for that game. 2 points should be claimed if the first pairings as per rule 34 are not ready to play at the official starting time for the home team. 
In the event of the first games being claimed, then the second pairings, as per rule 34, should be ready to play within 15 minutes of the official starting time or a further 2 points should be claimed.
If no players are ready to play 30 minutes after the official starting time then the match is deemed to have not been fulfilled and rule 33 applies. 
All players should be available to play within the first 45 minutes of the official starting time. Anyone arriving after 45 minutes will take no part in the game (League or Cup).
In the event of a match being played with one or more players missing then the score sheet will be filled in as usual and points awarded on the night will stand, However, when received, the Fixture Secretary will adjust the aces so that the games not played will be awarded the average aces for each team taken from the aces scored in the games played.

32. The Fixture Secretary should be notified immediately of any postponed and re-arranged matches. Postponement of matches will only be allowed in the case of halls not being available, extreme weather conditions, or where a cup match takes precedence. In extra special circumstances a match can be cancelled but ONLY with the permission of the Fixture Secretary.
If a match is cancelled then the home team are to give the away team at least 3 possible dates for the re-arranged fixture. 
The League Fixture Secretary should be informed of the new date for the re-arranged fixture within 14 days of the original cancelled fixture.
Failure to comply with this re-arrangement will result in the match being deemed void and BOTH teams will score nil points.

33. Any team cancelling or not fulfilling a fixture for any other reason than that stated in Rule 32 will result in Points for the cancelled match being awarded as follows:

a) The offending team - will receive a deduction of points that they scored in the reverse fixture.  

b) The aggrieved team - will receive the number of points they scored in the reverse fixture.

Note:- If both fixtures between the same two teams at the time of the cancellation are not played, then an average of the total points scored per match over the full season will be added/deducted as appropriate.

All cancelled matches WILL be investigated.

If a match is cancelled, as per rule 32, and cannot be legitimately re-arranged then each team will receive their average points scored per match over that full season.

34. Order of play:
Home Team                                       Away Team
2nd & 3rd Gents Doubles  v     2nd & 3rd Gents Doubles
2nd & 3rd Ladies Doubles v     2nd & 3rd Ladies Doubles
1st & 3rd Gents Doubles   v     1st & 3rd Gents Doubles
1st & 3rd Ladies Doubles  v     1st & 3rd Ladies Doubles
2nd Mixed Doubles           v     2nd Mixed Doubles
1st Mixed Doubles            v     1st Mixed Doubles
3rd Mixed Doubles            v     3rd Mixed Doubles
2nd Mixed Doubles           v     1st Mixed Doubles
1st Mixed Doubles            v     2nd Mixed Doubles

Each Pairing to play 2 games of 21 points per game. One point will be awarded for each game won, giving a maximum of 18 points per match.
In the event of an unfinished match the points for games unfinished will be forfeited by both teams. An additional bonus point will be awarded to each team for every completed 50 aces scored in the match. This will give a maximum of 25 points per match.

35. In the event of a game reaching 20 points each, then that game is to continue until one side reaches a 2pt gap or 30 pts, whichever comes first, however on the score sheet only 21 pts (to the winning pair) to 20pts. is to be recorded.

36. The home team should provide new feather shuttles of a good match standard.

37. All players are to wear "acceptable Badminton Attire"

38. League matches change ends after each game of 21 points. Games to start on spin of a coin or racket, the winners being given the option of serve or ends. The home team captain is responsible for the official score sheet being correctly detailed, totalled, checked and signed by both captains and sent immediately to the Fixture Secretary, to arrive no later than 72 hours following the fixture. Score sheets not received within 72 hours following a match will have 2 points deducted for every day the score sheet is late. The Fixture Secretary will notify the team at fault when (and not before) points are being deducted.                                                                            

39. Visiting teams to abide by home decisions on 'lets' and 'faults' regarding court surroundings.

40. Both teams MUST provide scorers alternately for each set. The scorer is not an umpire but his decisions is to be respected as a means of controlling the game. Players call their own lines and non players (spectators) take no part in such decisions.

41. Should a team member become indisposed after the commencement of a match, the game in progress will be forfeit. If the second game has not commenced a game score of 21-0 should be recorded.  Another member of the team will be able as play as substitute in any remaining pairings (levels or mixed). In the case of mixed pairings the opposing captain chooses the player to be used as substitute. Only one player of each sex may be substituted.

42. No player can play for more than ONE team on the same night.

43. Where teams involved in promotion or relegation are level on points at the end of the season, then the stronger team will be decided on aces difference and if still level then on aces for.

Handicap Cup Rules

44. There will be one cup competition for both divisions - 'Imperial Consultants Cup' Inclusion is voluntary but teams must opt into this competition by informing the League Secretary by the A.G.M. prior to the new season or by 1st July at the latest.

45. All players should have played at least a league game in order to compete in the Handicap Cup Competition. In an emergency other player(s) may be accepted at the discretion of the Handicap Committee.

46. In the Handicap Cup competition the HOME team is to provide courts and shuttles to complete the match.  The total costs of the courts and shuttles are to be shared equally with the away team reimbursing 50% of the home team costs

47. In the cup competition only, a player from a lower team can be promoted to any higher team ONCE ONLY, even if that player has played 5 league games for higher teams.  If, after the handicap has been made a player has to be changed in an emergency situation, then the handicap given will only be altered if the new player is deemed to be of a higher standard.

48. If a stronger player plays for a team in the match without notifying the committee, then the match will be forfeited by the offending team. If the committee is informed, in a reasonable time prior to the fixture, of a stronger player playing in the match, then the handicap can be changed.

49. All cup squads are to be sent to the Fixture Secretary not later than the Thursday before the commencement of each and every scheduled round of the competition.

50. If a club does not send in a cup squad they will be handicapped on what The Handicap Committee considers to be their strongest team based on the players they have registered for that present season.

51. It is the responsibility of the HOME team to notify the visiting team of the fixture night, time and venue of the fixture two weeks prior to the cup match.

52. if the HOME team is unable to provide a court for the cup fixture, then the opposition must be given the opportunity of finding a court.

53. The Handicap Committee to send to the HOME Captain a sealed envelope containing the handicap. This is to be opened in the presence of both captains at the end of the match. Any team found opening this envelope prior to this should be reported to the League and that team may be disqualified from that competition.

Individual Tournaments


54. Two Individual Handicapped Tournaments will be held during the season:

a) One will be for veterans and open to players aged 40 years or older who have played at least 2 league games that season, and

b) One will be open to all players who have played at least 4 league games that season.

No additional entries or substitutes will be accepted after the handicaps have been finalised.


55. Each club shall if required place it's courts at the service of the League for the purpose of playing matches of the League.

56. In the case of a team failing to complete its fixtures the Management Committee shall have the power to expunge its record.

57. The Management Committee reserve the right to organise a supplementary cup competition if the occasion arises.

58. In the event of a dispute or infringement of the above rules immediate notice must be given to the League Secretary, who will put the matter before the Management Committee, who in turn will make the final decision.

59. The Management Committee shall have the power to fine / ban players guilty of unsporting conduct and of bringing the game into disrepute.