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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953

New leagues sorted

The leagues for next season have been sorted with the three teams leaving the league we are left with 17 teams 8 in Div1 and 9 in Div2

Blackburn Seniors C&D will be renamed Blackburn Seniors B&C Rising Bridge B will be renamed Rising Bridge

Goodshaw A are relegated to the 2nd Div. Independents & Accy Flyers B are promoted to Div 1

Div 1 Accy Flyers A. Accy Flyers B. Alpha Whitworth. Blackburn Seniors A. Broadway A. Independents. Oakgate A. Transport.

Div 2 Blackburn Seniors B. Blackburn Seniors C. Broadway B. Brunlea. Edenfield. Goodshaw A. Goodshaw B. Oakgate B. Rising Bridge.

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