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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953

My Health Update

To all Rossendale Badminton League Clubs and individual members this is an update on my ongoing battle with Covid 19.

After some dark days under the fantastic critical care team at Royal Blackburn Hospital and the ongoing care on Covid recovery ward B18 I am now back at home with my loving family continuing the fight to get my lungs back to some sort of working normality.

We would like to thank you for the numerous messages we have received via various sources and via our league secretary George Bristow who has also diverted a lot of pressure away from us by keeping league secretaries updated.

It would be great to thank people personally but believe it or not I am finding talking for long periods very difficult due to shortness of breath.

And finally to anybody reading this post who think Covid19 isn’t real. Where I have been where I came so close to losing everything to being on the recovery ward to where I am now and the ongoing fight back to health believe me it’s real alright.

Thankyou Steve Bayes  

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