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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953

Final League Tables

Hi all hope you are all keeping safe and well, by now all Secretaries / Captains will have received an email with our explanation of  the final league tables which are now on tables page, we have used Rule 33 to calculate all unplayed matches. where a team has played another team once the score from that first game will be used as the score for the second unplayed  match. where two teams had not played each other then an average score will be added to the final score, where there is a decimal point the score has been rounded to nearest whole number.

Further information re the new season will be posted when available will be put on the news page, but at the moment we cannot see anything positive at the moment with the availability of courts at sports centres and schools to enable us to be able  start the new season.

Stay safe The committee

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