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Rossendale Badminton League

Established 1953


Blackburn Seniors are running a friendly informal summer league that’s open to players from any league/club.

-Teams of 4 players
-2 men and 2 ladies per team
-Try where possible to keep the same team for the full league, although subs can be used when required.
-No entry fee.
-Courts to be provided by the home team.
-Feather shuttles to be provided by the away team.
-If courts can’t be sourced, teams are welcome to play at Blackburn Seniors club nights for £5 per player.
-Scoresheets to be completed, signed and sent on whats app or email to Rick Smith.
-There will be no prizes for the league. It has been set up to provide an opportunity to play competitive badminton throughout the summer.
-The league format will depend on entries. We plan on having multiple small divisions without handicapping with teams ranked on ability. Handicapping may be introduced depending on the number/standard of entries.
-All matches must be played between 1st June - 31st August.

Match format - games to 21 points with setting
Men’s Doubles (2 games)
Ladies Doubles (2 games)
MXD 1 v 1 (1 game)
MXD 2 v 2 (1 game)
MXD 1 v 2 (1 game)
MXD 2 v 1 (1 game)
You should be able to fit this in on 1 court for 2 hours.

To enter please contact Rick Smith on

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